Enrolment / Registration

The Version 4.0 of Data Supply Portal, is operational from 16th August 2021, in accordance with the revised data charges and procedures. Henceforth, the login-based system is introduced for the procurement of data charges.

An account-login enrolment process is introduced for procuring meteorological data online through the 4.0 version of Data Supply Portal (DSP). The Enrolment is centrally managed at National Data Centre (NDC), O/o CRS, IMD Pune and the information is shared with data supply units of all RMCs / MCs.

All users need to create an account, which will be valid till 31st March 2023 or till the revision of data charges or procedures, whichever is earlier.

A unique Enrolment Number will be assigned to each user on one-time submission of Identity Card, Institution Letter (for non-departmental user) and Certificate of Undertaking.

Thereafter, user needs to fill the Data Request Form online and get the data directly on payment of charges (if any) and submission of receipt of payment.

After downloading the requested data, an acknowledgement may kindly be made and the case may be closed.

Registration Form

Enrolment / Registration will resume from 01 April 2023.